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Training your dog like they were my own

Canine Coaching and Behaviour Modification Training

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About Me

I only ever use positive force free training to ensure your dog enjoys learning as much as you do. I know each animal is different, and I’ll work with yours to give them the specific help they need. Whether you’re thinking about getting a new rescue and need advice, have a puppy who needs complete training or a family dog with a behavioural problem or just want to learn something new to enrich your dogs life, I am here to help.

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My Services

Helping You Help Your Dog


1 -  2 - 1 Coaching

Learn basic manners and behaviours

1 - 2 -1 coaching sessions can be used to learn anything from basic behaviours such as recall and loose lead walking, enrichment training

£55 per session

60 minutes 

Behaviour Consultant

Force free coaching to modify undesired behaviours

A personalised plan to help modify your dog’s unwanted behaviours, such as excessive barking, chewing, reactivity towards strangers/dogs, jumping up. 
£60 per session

60-90 minutes depending on your dog’s needs


Reactive Dog Walking

Making your reactive dog’s walks easier

If walking your dog has become a chore due to their reactivity towards other dogs or strangers, I will walk them for you using force free behaviour modification coaching to help them cope with their stresses.
This is not just a walk but a behaviourist session while we walk
A behavioural consultation must be booked first to put into place training to help with reactivity. I will then continue this training on the walks
£40 per walk
60 minutes

Loose Lead Workshop

Make walking more enjoyable

Is your dog a puller, tried everything you can think of to stop them? I offer a 2 hour workshop on getting your dog to walk nicely on the lead. Learn techniques that will have your dog walking by your side in no time


contact for dates of next workshop


1 - 2 - 1 Puppy Course

Give your puppy the best start in life

6 1 hour session course.
This course will teach you everything you need to raise a happy well socialised family dog. I will cover puppy proofing your house and life, toilet training, basic behaviours such as recall, loose lead walking, crate training, travelling in the car, prevention of nipping and jumping up and accompany you on appropriate socialisation visits to places like the vets to ensure a positive association is formed. All this while offering the complete back up of 24hr contact for unforeseen problems.


Individual dog walk

Like you were walking them yourself

I offer a bespoke single or family dog (all from the same household) walking package to suit your needs. I will take your dog out for a walk alone so they have my full attention, this can be on lead or off lead depending on your dog and your request. All aspects of the walk are tailored to you and your dogs needs.

60 minutes 

+£5 per additional dog in the same house


UK Sniffer Dogs Workshop

Bronze series 1

4 hour workshop, teaching the first level of UK Sniffer Dogs. Scent work is the fastest growing dog sport. It’s great for all dogs, no matter age, breed or temperament. 
Even reactive and nervous can really benefit from this workshop, it will build confidence and engage them.



UK Sniffer Dogs Workshop

Bronze series 2

4 hour workshop, teaching the second level ok UK Sniffer Dogs. This workshop will move you on with your scent work. You will need to have completed series 1 before attending series 2.


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